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Table Of Contents
Message from Artistic Director 1
Company Mission Statement 1
School Rights 1
Non-discrimination Statement 1
Hours of Operation/ Studio Hours 1
Registration 2
Returned Checks 2
Payment & Fees 2
Withdrawal Policy 2
Personal Conferences 2
Siblings Discount 2
Evaluations 3
Attendance/ Absences 3
Emergency Procedures 3
Pick-up/ Drop-off and Security Procedures 4
Inclement Weather 4
Class Visitation/ Observation 4
Class Placement 4
Photo & Video Release 4
Class Attire 5
Performance Check List 5
Company Dancer- Costume Policy 5
Discipline 6
Class Schedule 6
Disciplinary Steps for Ballet On Wheels Dance School 6
Fundraisers & Dance Events 6
Parent Guild 6

Message from Artistic Director

Greetings and welcome to Ballet On Wheels Dance School & Company! I hope this dance experience will be a great journey in creative expression, performance exposure and art appreciation for all students. With that, I hope this student and parent handbook will serve as one of many tools for the School in being a wellorganized and structured dance organization. Please use and retain this handbook for reference throughout the year. As the organization leader, I will continue to update and fine-tune the various policies and procedures on a regular basis to keep up with our ever evolving student base and to stay abreast of current trends and industry changes, as they apply to the organization. Again, welcome to Ballet On Wheels Dance School!

Company Mission Statement

A community based organization focused on developing and defining art education and appreciation of classical ballet and other dance genres through self discipline, creative expression and performance exposure opportunities in students of diverse backgrounds.

School Rights

The Artistic Director reserves the right to remove any student from the roster or prohibit participation in any class or performance for excessive tardiness/absence, disruptive behavior by parent or student, non-payment of tuition or other fees.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Ballet On Wheels Dance School does not discriminate based on race, sex, religion or economic status, and is an equal opportunity education facility, contractor and employer.

Hours of Operation / Studio Hours

The studio is open on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday during regular scheduled class hours.




A $65.00 individual or $80 family non-refundable registration fee is due on or prior to the beginning of the first scheduled class. An annual $35 re-enrollment fee is required for all returning students. There is also a Performance Fee added for all students performing in the end of the year dance performance. This fee includes the performance costume plus additional rehearsal hours leading up to the event.

Returned Checks

There will be a $30.00 returned check fee added to your amount for checks returned by the bank. After the second returned check, your account will be placed on a cash or money order ONLY payment status.

Payments & Fees

Monthly payments are due on the first (1st) of each month. All fees must be paid on time. There will be long months (five weeks) and short months due to holidays and the like. Tuition is not pro-rated. After the second scheduled class, students will be unable to attend class until payment has been received or unless other arrangements have been made with the Director prior to this time. Acceptable forms of payment include direct draft/debit (BOW preferred method), cash, check or money order, Visa, Debit Cards, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. For your convenience, payments can be made online or by calling the studio directly.

Withdrawal Policy

While we hope that you will not find it necessary to withdraw from the BOW School and company, we do ask that you notify the studio in writing at least 30 days in advance for withdrawal from any classes. If notice is not given, we will continue to bill your account assuming the student is still enrolled. Non- attendance is not considered proper notice of withdrawal. Withdrawal forms may be obtained by contacting the studio.

Personal Conferences

Personal conferences may be scheduled with the Artistic Director or Instructor by making a written request. Please avoid “catching” the director or teachers before or after class for quick conferences. These discussions deserve our full attention and are more effective when conducted in a calm atmosphere.

Siblings Discount

A 10% sibling discount will be applied to monthly tuition fees.



Annual written evaluations are completed on upper level students. Evaluations will be distributed to each parent. Parents can request a conference, if necessary, by contacting the School.

will be communicated via email. Ballet On Wheels Dance School reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any class at any time during the semester. Attendance will be recorded at each class or rehearsal. No refunds or adjustments for the next month will be made. Annual Concert and End of the Year Dance School Performance Absenteeism Policy To ensure dance students are well prepared and ready for the performance, the following attendance policy is detailed below:

Attendance will be recorded at each rehearsal. Students missing more than 4 classes will jeopardize his or her placement in classes and productions. It is imperative that students are in class to learn and rehearse for performances. o Mandatory rehearsals are required in the 2-4 weeks leading up to the show, with no absences.

Students performing in any show must attend all Theatre dress rehearsals in their entirety.


Good attendance is an integral part of the training and is expected of the students in order to achieve correct technical and physical development and advancement in the Ballet On Wheels Dance School program. The official BOW attendance policy is no more than 5 excused absences per dance year. This will ensure the student is able to get the most from the school classes. Poor attendance will jeopardize a student’s placement, and icipation in productions. Students may not enter class late or leave class early without the director or teacher’s permission. If a student arrives more than 15 minutes late, the teacher will have the student sit and watch the remainder of the class and take notes on a Class Observation Sheet. Injuries can result when a student has not had a proper warm up. Please call the studio prior to class time if you plan to be absent. Any absence made by the Instructor will result in a make up class during the current or next month. An Instructor absence

Emergency Procedures

In the event that you must contact Ballet On Wheels Dance School for an emergency, please call the studio directly.


Pick-Up/Drop-Off and Security Procedures

Ballet On Wheels Dance School is committed to providing a safeatmosphere for its students. We ask that all students arrive and leave the building in regular clothing. No ballet/dance shoes are to be worn outside of the building or in the parking lot. For older students, please walk your child into and out of the building. This is also a wonderful time to review the bulletin board and counters for important reminders, rehearsal schedules and/or sign up for volunteer opportunities within our organization. Sign-In/Sign-Out Procedures Parents/Students are required to “sign” students (electronically or via notebook) in and out for all dance classes.

Inclement Weather

At Ballet On Wheels Dance School, we will observe the Shelby County Schools policy on inclement weather, breaks and holidays regarding class closings.

Class Visitation/Observation

All ballet classes will be closed to parents and friends. Students seem to learn at an accelerated pace without the presence of parents and friends observing scheduled classes. Parents will have the opportunity to attend class with their student dancer. The “Class Observation Week” is dedicated to having a special time set aside for parents to observe classes during the fall semester.

Class Placement

Ballet On Wheels Dance School takes into the utmost consideration the class placement process as well as the construction of class schedules and the assignment of teachers. The Director/Studio Instructors reserve the right to place students at the appropriate class level where he or she can best achieve his or her fullest dance potential. Students will be promoted to higher class levels as his or her classroom work progresses only. Placement will not be based on age or grade, if applicable. Note: It is normal to repeat class levels over the course of a year or two, as determined by student progress and other related class factors. Please allow sufficient enough time to fully acclimate to the class structure and engage in the routine of dance classes for all students to reach their fullest potential.

Photo & Video Release

Each parent will initial a Photo & Video Release statement found on the official BOW school application.


Class Attire

The dress code rules are established for a purpose – to have uniformity and so that the teacher is able to see the full lines of the body. Class attire can be purchased on site or at any of the dancewear stores within the area.

It is required that all students wear pink leather ballet shoes

Hair should be secured in a neat bun or ponytail

No jewelry should be worn for safety reasons

Performance Check List

All students should have the following items on hand for all performances.

Diamond stud earrings only

Brown/suntan ballet tights (on hand, 1 extra pair of tights)

Make up [including foundation (optional for pre-ballet), eye shadow, blush, etc. and bright (*red/plum lipstick)]

Hair in a slick bun on top of the head. Hair braids or locks must be put in a bun. (No braids, curls or twists in the front)

No fingernail polish

Costumes and costume accessories, if applicable

Ballet shoes and/or jazz shoes/character shoes

Company Dancer – Costume Policy

Most “performance company” costumes are purchased by Ballet On Wheels. These costumes are the property of the Company and should be used only during BOW performances. It is understood that any costumes and related accessories must be dry-cleaned and returned upon leaving the School/dance Company either voluntarily or involuntarily. Any company costumes not returned must be paid for in full by the dancer/student/parent.



Ballet is a much disciplined art that requires focus. As instructors, we require lots of discipline and order in hope of developing the student to achieve the best level of performance. Classroom discipline will ensure students make the most of his or her class time through teaching instruction and retention. As part of his or her dance training, Ballet On Wheels Dance School students are expected to behave in a responsible and disciplined manner and to adhere to the Ballet On Wheels Dance School rules and regulations. Ballet On Wheels Dance School does reserve the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose conduct or attitude is found to be unsatisfactory. We will treat all students with respect and consideration. The same is expected of all students.

Class Schedules

Ballet On Wheels Dance School reserves the right to alter days or times for both regular classes and rehearsals. Parents will be notified immediately of any changes.

Disciplinary Steps for Ballet On Wheels Dance School

1. Private conference with the student about the unacceptable behavior

2. Conference with both the parent and student

3. Temporary dismissal up through permanent dismissal from Ballet On Wheels Dance School class.

Fundraisers & Dance Events

Ballet On Wheels Dance School sponsors at least two major fundraiser events a year (Fall & Spring). Students and parents are expected to participate in these fundraisers to aid the School in these efforts.

Parent Guild

As parents of students of Ballet On Wheels Dance School, you are a welcome member of the BOW Parent Organization. We encourage your participation to foster new ideas and to make the organization a continued success. The Parent’s Guild acts in a supporting role for the students and staff at Ballet On Wheels Dance School in the commitment to excellence in the art of dance through resource development, effective use of communication, planning, marketing and promotion. This includes working directly with the Artistic Director, Board of Directors and Instructors to help advance the ever growing needs of the organization.