4 Super Performance Skills: Something Every Dancer Should Know

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  • Never dance alone, even in a solo piece…

Include the audience when you dance. If in a group, interact with your fellow dancers. Exert your energy toward them or the audience.

  • The eyes are the portal to the soul…

Facial expressions captivate the audience and engages your whole being. You emit your emotion as you glide across the stage. Allow your emotion to match the mood of the dance and music. A smile is not always appropriate for every song.

  • Understand Musicality…

A phenomenal dancer uses continual movement, even when a count ends. Each movement between the counts should have a smooth flow and assist with transitioning and shifting of the music. Great dancers use dynamics such as increasing intensity at the change in the music or softening the motions as the intensity decreases.

  • Exude Confidence…

When a dancer is confident, it allows them to freely give of themselves, unashamed of pouring out their emotions to the audience. The performance is striking as a dancer shows confidence, resulting in fewer mistakes. This is the ultimate key of a stellar performance.

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