Benefits of Dance: Creative Moves for the Creative Little One



Can your child dance? Do your kids have rhythm? Are they familiar with the latest dance moves?  I bet we can train them! Do they have dreams of performing in front of a huge audience?  Creative Movement Dance classes may be a great starting point.

Creative Movement is a fun an exciting dance class held at Ballet On Wheels Dance School & Company. These classes are for adorable, energetic children ages 3-6. The classes are designed to introduce young dancers to creative expression, movement with dance props, games and the introduction of basic ballet positions and stretching.

The benefits of Creative Movement in dance, is that your little one can begin to burn off some of their stored-up energy, all while learning loco motor skill development and rhythm, posture, and creativity. This class is good for both physical and social development, because participants gain cultural understanding, as they learn self-discipline, cooperation, and respect for others through space in unison.

How thrilling it is to come into the knowledge of your own body awareness, especially at an early age. Through creative movement dance classes, participants start to realize that the promises of movement are limitless. This fun activity exercises both mind and body through a wide variety of activities such as, range of motion, balance, muscle strength, coordination, and endurance.