Ready to Dance!?

Ready to Dance!?

We have been paying close attention to the pandemic situation in our area. New information is released daily, circumstances are fluctuating, and cases are still on the rise. Because of this, we will be working from an abbreviated/temporary dance schedule for the next couple of months due to our current style of learning.

Our new season starts Monday, August 24th.

With that, we have planned to offer an outdoor class option on Mondays only for older students ages 10 & Up; The rest of the week’s classes will be online for this age group.

We will only offer online classes for all other students. (Ages 3-9)

Students who are participating in outdoor classes will need a yoga mat and dance sneakers. Dance sneakers can be purchased online at Yoga mats can be found online at a variety of stores, including Target, Amazon, and Wal-Mart. Dancers will need to be dressed in clothing that is suitable for movement, such as leotard, dance pants, solid colored leggings, bike shorts, or yoga pants – no denim, khakis, etc.

Students participating in online classes should consider investing in a low-cost tripod if they will be using a phone or iPod to stream classes instead of a computer. The tripod will allow students to adjust the angle of their camera as needed. You can find an example here – As with the end of the Spring session, we recommend regular dance attire during online classes to set the mood for dance learning.

Even in the midst of our flexibility during these unprecedented times, our mission remains the same – “To develop art education and enhance the appreciation of classical ballet and other dance genres for youth of diverse backgrounds through structured classes, use of creative expression, discipline and performance exposure opportunities.”

We look forward to working with you again for dance classes. The world has changed quite a bit, but we want to dance and move forward as best we can and as safely as possible.

Please email or call with any questions!

We hope to see you soon.