Jazz I

An introductory Jazz class, this dance class will include body isolations, beginning turns and leaps to create a unique dance class for this budding young dancer.

*Students may remain in this class for up to 4 years based on maturity, focus and overall class development. Additionally, in most cases, students must meet or exceed the age maximum for class promotion.

Class Attire: Black cami leotard (pinch front), suntan tights, suntan pull on jazz shoes

Class Day: Thursday 6:00 pm

Ages: 7-11; Can be taken in conjunction with Ballet Appreciation or Ballet Technique I Class

Tuition: $110

Other Fees:

  • Annual Performance Fee: $135 (Due in March; Does not include Costume for December performance, if applicable)
  • Late Tuition Fee: $30
  • Spring Break Clinic: $30


Jun 13 2024


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Ages 7-11,


Aurora Collegiate Academy 4841 Summer Ave, Suite 1 / 38122
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