We hope all the basic questions are covered here.
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What is the minimum age requirement to audition for a dance scholarship?

All students must be at least 12 years old to audition.

Do I need to prepare a solo dance piece for my audition?

No. Students auditioning do not need to prepare a piece for the audition. The audition class will include a warm up and general combinations in a variety of dance genres.

What types of dance will I be studying?

Our core curriculum consists of various levels of classical ballet. Jazz, Modern and Pointe classes are also offered as supplemental classes. Class placement is performance based and determined by ability.

Where will classes be held?

All classes are held at Ballet On Wheels Dance School. Our studio is located at 1015 S. Cooper Street, 38104. We have multiple studio space, sprung dance floors and a dance lounge.

What is the difference between a partial and full scholarship?

A full scholarship pays 100 % of dance tuition with Ballet On Wheels and a partial scholarship pays 60% of  normal dance tuition fees. Full scholarships are valued at over $2500+ per year.

Can male students audition?

Yes, male students are welcome to audition.

What are you specifically looking for in the dance audition?

Selection decisions are based on the following criteria: technical ability, musicality, ability to pick up and retain combinations and corrections, awareness of line quality and overall dance movement. We are also looking for performance/stage presence and attitude/personality of each dancer.

Are there any fees that I will be responsible for?

Yes, there are minimal fees scholarship students are responsible for during the dance year. The “Dream to Dance” Scholarship covers core dance tuition fees. Minimal fees include, but are not limited to: class attire, costume /performance fees, master classes, dance clinics/workshops and summer dance camps.

How soon will I be notified if I was selected for a scholarship?

Students and families will be notified at the end of the audition.

How quickly will I begin classes if awarded a dance scholarship?

Students will begin to take classes the Monday following the open dance audition.

How many days a week will I be attending classes if selected for a dance scholarship?

Students must take classes 3 days a week, minimally.

If selected, how many dance productions might I participate in during my first year with Ballet On Wheels?

It varies from year to year. Students can expect to perform in at least two theater based performances including our “Youth Classical Concert” in January and our annual June dance production. Students will also have the opportunity to be selected for about 6-8 satellite performances that take place a various community events across the city throughout the performance season.

What if I need to miss a class?

Email the studio at contact@balletonwheels.org or call and leave a message at 901.870.4348 to let us know that you will be absent. Include the reason why, as attendance will be documented and evaluated.

How long can youth dancers stay on a dance scholarship?

It depends, but it is not limited to a one year scholarship opportunity.

What are the attendance requirements for a scholarship?

We have strict attendance requirements under the “Dream to Dance” Scholarship Program. Specific details will be given directly to students and families awarded dance scholarships.

Who is allowed to observe the auditions?

Auditions are closed to the general public.