Ballet On Wheels dancers are first class!

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Ready to Dance!?

Ready to Dance!?

We hope all the basic questions are covered here.
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Our address is 4841 Summer Ave., Memphis, TN 38122. We are located on the Campus of Aurora Collegiate Academy.
There isn’t one! Both classes cover the same content, they are just offered on different days to accommodate families with different schedules. Saturday tends to be our busiest day, so Creative Movement is separated into a 3-4 year old class and a 5-6 year old class, to help us maintain lower ratios and offer individualized instruction. Wednesdays aren’t as crowded, so we can combine our 3-6 year olds on that day and still maintain a small class size.
No. As a non – profit organization, free tickets are not available to families. Ballet On Wheels relies on its revenue to maintain our studio, pay our staff and to provide high quality programming and performances.
Parents are welcome to sit in and observe their child’s first class. After your initial observation, classes are closed. We want to provide a distraction free environment for your child and his or her classmates.
Sometimes the class name may not change each year, but the group of students will progress in that level / class. It is normal for students to remain in class levels for multiple years. Dance classes are typically not like regular academic classes where you are promoted from year to year.
Our three year olds take only one class per week.

Yes, we offer camps for dancers of all ages. You can find detailed information about our summer camps here.

As student’s progress, opportunities arise for them to take multiple classes during the week to continue to hone in on their dance training in various genres.

Yes, we offer a boys only hip hop class on Wednesday evenings. The class runs in 10 week sessions over the course of the year.

Dance school students participate in the “Snow Lilly” Holiday performance each December and our annual year end dance production. Yes, we also offer additional performance opportunities.

Yes, we do. “Dream to Dance” Scholarship Auditions are held each fall for students ages 12 & up. No dance experience is required, just a passion to dance. For more information, click here.