Parents on Pointe Program

Ready to Dance!?

Ready to Dance!?

The Ballet On Wheels Dance School, Parents On Pointe “P.O.P” Program is a great way to interact with each other and learn more about the world of dance. With the intent of facilitating communication and exchange of ideas, this group will foster community among students, parents, the staff and faculty of Ballet On Wheels by encouraging communication and providing opportunities for engagement. All families enrolled in Ballet On Wheels Dance School are a part of the “POP” Program. We encourage our families to serve as ambassadors for Ballet On Wheels by sharing enthusiasm for the organization and its programs with the broader community.


The “Parents On Pointe” Program aims to create and foster a more meaningful connection to Ballet On Wheels by implementing fun activities that motivate and educate the BOW community while enhancing the student and family experience. The program is focused on supporting the overall mission and goals of Ballet On Wheels, while developing a sense of community and shared experiences in the name of dance.


We invite all families of Ballet On Wheels to become more involved in their child’s dance education. Your support via volunteer outside activities, spreading the word via social media and referrals are just a few ways to make the “POP” program a great success.


As the year progresses, “Parents On Pointe” will implement various projects together. Class Lead Parent Representatives will head these projects. Assistance to work with the Class Leads is greatly appreciated.

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