“Dream to Dance” Scholarship Program

Scholarship Guidelines

All full & partial annual dance scholarship recipients must adhere to the following BOW Dance School scholarship guidelines. Scholarships are valued at a minimum of $3,000 per year.

1. Students must attend all regular scheduled classes unless due to illness or unforeseen circumstance; Students absent from 7 or more classes and/or rehearsals per semester, will be dismissed from the scholarship program with Ballet On Wheels Dance School. At that time, classes can be continued on a paid monthly tuition basis based on current tuition rates. Students must log in attendance each day for accurate class tracking and must inform the “School” directly in the event of any class absences by logging in advance via the attendance book and/or by calling the studio directly at 901.870.4348.

– Must be able to satisfy required number of “work study” hours per semester
– Must be able to attend multiple, weekly dance classes and rehearsals, as scheduled
– Must be able to effectively balance regular school schedule & dance responsibilities
– Must be able to cordially assimilate with the current administrative, artistic staff, classmates & company dancers in a harmonious and professional dance work environment

2. Scholarship recipients must participate in any Ballet On Wheels sponsored, “Master Classes” rehearsals, class demonstrations, required summer dance camps, performances, class workshops, Saturday “Student Teaching” Program, annual school performances/ satellite performances.

–Attend and maintain a minimum of 2 weekly ballet classes + at least 2 supplemental dance classes, as required under the BOW scholarship. Dance schedules less than that, falls below the required scholarship schedule; To receive the full benefit of the scholarship, scholarship students should keep the same dance class schedule throughout the duration of the dance year.
– All dance choreography remains the property of Ballet On Wheels and should not be used or performed outside of Ballet On Wheels approved dance events and functions; Videotaping of classes or any choreography is strictly prohibited, unless otherwise approved.

3. *Scholarship recipients must purchase all regular ballet class attire, performance costumes, master class sessions, mandatory summer workshops/camps, annual performance fees, conferences, registration fees, music CD’s, performance DVD’s, etc. Full scholarship recipients must pay the annual registration as soon as the semester begins.

4. Scholarships are based on 1- year of classes and must be re-applied for annually via the “Dream to Dance” Scholarship Audition.

5. Scholarship families must actively participate in the “POP Program” for Parents, all school fundraising, community projects, & volunteer dance projects & campaigns/events, ticket sales, advertising, etc.

6. Scholarship candidates should be at least 12 years of age at the of application, unless special circumstances and approval are made known to the Director in advance.

7. Recipients of dance scholarships must advise the Artistic Director, in writing, of any changes in their dance study intentions/commitment with Ballet On Wheels Dance School as soon as possible.

8. Scholarship recipients will not be allowed to participate in other dance classes, teach classes, perform, choreograph, etc. with other dance schools, studios, or dance programs/companies/ensembles (excludes regular day school & Church programs) while under a BOW Scholarship.

9. Based on a written schedule, scholarship students will assist BOW Dance Instructors with Saturday & Wednesday Creative Movement Dance Classes and any other dance classes for students ages 6-9. Will also assist with 1-week Summer Dance Camps. Must assist and log hours to account for at least 20 hours per semester.

10. Behavioral issues will not be tolerated; Understands that scholarships can be terminated at any time for non-compliance to any BOW dance school rules and regulations or at the discretion of the Director.

11. Must provide authorized documentation for any medical absences that extend 1 week or more before returning to classes or rehearsals; Will continue to observe scheduled classes when not able to fully participate.

12. Scholarship students must return, dry-cleaned, all company loaned costumes at the end of the semester. Cleaning fees will be assessed and added to family accounts, accordingly if this not done.

13. Must not defame, lie, exaggerate, speak negatively or unfavorable about the BOW dance program. This includes Instructors, dance company, dance classes, performance opportunities, satellite performance opportunities, etc. at any time for any reason while studying with the school.

__ Accept. I understand the Scholarship Guidelines with BOW and will adhere to full the guidelines of the scholarship program.

__ Decline. I will not be accepting the scholarship opportunity with Ballet On Wheels.

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