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Creative Movement Dance Experience

Creative Movement I / Creative Movement United / Kids Hip Hop:
$ 75 per month

Creative Movement II:
$ 85 per month

Bundle Any two classes in CM Dance Series:
$ 110 per month

Ballet Appreciation and Above Level Classes
$95 per month

Multi-Class Monthly Discount Package:
$140(2 classes)
$170 (3 classes)
$185 (4 classes)
$200 (unlimited)

OTHER FEES: New Student Registration Fee: $65 / $85 *Returning Student Registration Fee: $40 *Annual Performance Fee: $115 (Due in December; Does not include Costume for December performance) *Late Tuition Fee: $25.00 *Spring Break Clinic: $28

Option A:

Automatic Draft

Payments are automatically withdrawn on the 1st of each month by either checking or credit card.  (Late fees will not apply using this method)

Option B:

Month to month pay structure

Option C:


Pay tuition for the entire year at the time of enrollment. This option qualifies for a 5% annual tuition discount.