Youth Company Dancers

“I’ve been with Ballet On Wheels for 7 years.

During this time, I have really progressed and grown. I am and have been taught by the best and continue to learn more each day.” – Talisa E., Youth Company Dancer

Ready to Dance!?

Ready to Dance!?

Sr. Company & Pre Performance Ensemble Dancers

Tamia Yanni Elliott


Tamia Yanni Elliott, 11 is a student at White Station Middle School. She has been dancing with BOW since age 4. Tamia is a lover of the arts such as dancing, acting, singing, drawing and playing the piano. She has studied African, modern, improvisation, and hip-hop, but primarily studies ballet, jazz and pointe. Through years of hard work and perseverance, Tamia is now a Senior Company Dancer under the artistic director Chauniece C. Thompson. Her self-motivational quote is “If there is no struggle, there is no progress”. Frederick Douglass

Talisa Yone’ Elliott


Talisa Yone’ Elliott, 13 is a student at White Station Middle School. She has been with BOW since age 5. Talisa enjoys dancing, singing and acting. While studying under the artistic director, Chauniece C. Thompson, Talisa has learned African, modern, improvisation and hip-hop dance. She predominantly studies ballet, jazz, and pointe. Through persistent practice and years of public performance, she is now Senior Company Dancer. Her personal motivational quote is “Failure will never overtake me, if my determination to succeed is strong enough”. Og Mandino

Carley Santita Spivey


Carley Santita Spivey, 13, is a 7th grade student at Snowden Middle School. She has been dancing for 7 years. She is currently studying Ballet, Pointe, Improv, and Jazz. Her favorite dance genre is Ballet. Her hobbies include baking and drawing. Carley performs with the company in all major productions, as well as satellite community performances. Carley aspires to be a Dentist.

Elle’na Faye Watson


Elle’na Faye Watson, 13, is a student at Colonial Middle School. Elle’na has been dancing since the age of 4, when Ballet On Wheels was located in the Overton Square area. Ellle’na has studied Improv, Pointe, and Jazz. Her main dance focus is Ballet which she has studied under a variety of teachers at BOW. Her hard work, dedication, determination and love for dance has prepared her to become a Senior Company Dancer. Elle’na is also a Praise Dancer at Mount Mariah Baptist Church (Orange Mound) and is a cadet in Girls Scouts. Elle’na plans to become a Criminal Justice Lawyer and then become the next Prima Ballerina.

Maya Danielle Watt


Maya Danielle Watt, 13, is a 7th grade student at Aspire Coleman Elementary School. She has been dancing with BOW for approximately 7 years, where she has studied classical Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, African, and Pointe. She is now a Senior Company Dancer. Maya has played the roles of “Charlotte” in the Princess and the Frog (2015) and the 4th dream girl “Michelle” in the Dreamgirls Dance Production (2016). Maya loves dance and strives for excellence. She also loves school and is a student ambassador that leads by example. Maya wants to pursue a career in dance and someday own her own dance studio.

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