Youth Performance Opportunities

I have never seen kids perform on this level in my life!

I love the BOW themed performances” – Bobbi W.

Ballet On Wheels Youth Performance Company

This unique, invitation only performance group for students ages 10 & up provides professional performance opportunities to the more serious and aspiring young dancers within the Ballet On Wheels Dance School. Members of the dance company will meet and rehearse in addition to regular scheduled classes with a primary focus on technique, performance flair and depth and general choreographic study. Company dancers will perform in many external dance performances throughout the Memphis community.

Additional Benefits of the Youth Performance Company:

  • A varied repertory, ranging from previous BOW dance performance pieces to newly created works.
  • Rehearsal process and performance experience that complete a dancer’s training utilizing the core of what was taught in the studio and transferring that knowledge to the main stage.
  • Multiple performance opportunities, including professionally produced stage productions, workshops, dance conferences / camps and in-studio performances.
  • Opportunities to explore dance outside of the BOW dance studios.